Are you feeling worn out, flat and disconnected?

Do you put yourself last?

Are you exhausted because you have no energy left to give to yourself?

You’re flat disconnect has left you Burned out for longer than you care to admit!

You feel all of your hopes, dreams, desires hidden in a beautiful treasure chest that hasn’t been opened for a long time.

You know deep in your soul that there is more to life than being the one that gives to everyone else first.

You have a bigger reason for being here.

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It’s time to put you on the top of the caring list.

It’s never to late to care about yourself and embrace the treasure in the chest.

Are you ready to unlock the hidden door?

Peel away the layers and stories that have been running through your energy across lifetimes?

It’s time to awaken your essence and reconnect you to your joy-filled hidden self.

Igniting your fire and showing you what your natural magic is.

When you feel you Heal!

After years of feeling numb, flat, disenchanted and empty, it’s time to feel you again to become realigned and nourished.

And did you know!  When you spend all of your energy on others, leaving nothing left for yourself, you leave yourself feeling flat, numb, and robotic, you do the best each day with what you have to work with but low energy limits everything. You can’t blame yourself that your energy is so low and burned out you really do have nothing left to give yourself, except the stories you believe to be true.  So each day you run the stories reinforcing all the feelings, stories and beliefs.

You reinforce your flatness

You reinforce your Burnout!

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When you have nothing left you are burned out.

How do I know this?

I have lived this!

When we come together in a 1.1 session you will take a journey of discovery learning what you need to nourish yourself and rewrite your story. 

Ultimately learning to love and value yourself.

1.      You will see what Flat, numb and disconnected looks like for you.

2.      Create an awakened awareness within.

3.      Rewrite your story

4       Feeling held heard and seen

5.       Find your vitality and gain clarity

6.       Unlock your treasure chest of hopes, dreams and desires

7.       Meet your unique self.

I meet you energetically where you are now, as we sit together your stories rise in a safe space where they can be seen by you, spoken out loud or silently. Then you choose how your story will be rewritten.

As you explore the stories you have playing quietly within you, I hold you in a giant hug deeply and non-judgementally.

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Your Guide

For many years I have lived and breathed the Magical, Mystical, and Metaphysical, I love the world of energy and vibrational healing.

While looking after grandkids and being Mrs handywoman, the fix-it person. I dived into the esoteric and energetics

I’ve been where you are and some days it was hard to even care about getting out of bed.  I was a robot in my own life and the lives of my family.

I lived with burnout for many decades, always putting others before me this is my conditioned story.

I know how it feels to have someone hold you in a safe space, giving you what you need, so you can feel yourself, see yourself and awaken your awareness to your essence once more.

I am a Spirit-guided Wise intuitive life and human design guide and Vibrational Essence/Energy practitioner. I am in the words of others, clients and friends a Wise Woman.

Nourish your Essence is a 90 min walk through your stories as I hold you deeply in a spirit-guided intuitive journey, looking at the story that presents itself with the alchemy of our energies. these stories could be ancestral, family conditioned, something you have put into place subconsciously to feel safe or Past life

As we sit together I hold you gently in an energetic giant hug.

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PS:  feeling worn out, flat and disconnected doesn’t change by itself, you have to be willing to rewrite your story.

Client Love

I don’t feel like a different person, I just AM a different person

When the opportunity came up to have a couple of sessions with Donna I jumped at it. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for or how it all worked, but the thought of shifting some fears and mindset blocks was too good to refuse.
I’m definitely on the practical side of “woo” but resolved to go in fully open-minded and embrace the process, letting Donna lead the way. And I’m so glad I did!
Donna makes everything feel so comfortable, she’s incredibly warm-spirited and giving. I can’t really define her in words except to say it’s like having a giant cuddle!
As for our sessions….well. I can’t give anything away (and I wouldn’t be able to explain if I tried). But through working with Donna I was able to release a couple of giant things that I’d been holding onto. What she does is nothing short of magic.
As I told her in our last session, I don’t feel like a different person, I just AM a different person.
I’ll definitely be back (and you should speak with her, too).

Georgina Bowden: Success and Mindset Coach


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