Terms Conditions and Why

Why I do this:

I do this because everyone deserves to feel good about themselves within themselves, guiding people to meet and allow that authentic you beneath the conditioned stories that have been created in your life by you or others and often influenced by many generations, patterns and emotional beliefs, that are written into our story.

By holding you in a safe space you begin to see the characters and stories unfold.

This is deeply satisfying work, it is where you find yourself!

It is life-changing if you are ready and committed.

Commitment / Responsibility:  I take my sacred service seriously 

I acknowledge that I am only able to serve my clients at the level of my own growth and to the depth of my spiritual sight and my tools.

My Sacred commitment to you is:

I am dedicated to my own spiritual growth and will always seek out guidance from my mentors and peers if needed this ensures I am able to provide the highest service possible for my clients that’s you.

To always be with my clients.

To only book in the number of clients that allow me to ensure my highest quality of service.

I am here to open doors of awareness for you.  I am not here to disempower but to empower you to grow in your own way.

I am here to help people come home to the authentic person they really are beneath the beliefs, patterns, layers and stories that have been created and set up in this life often tinged by many other lives. I am committed to guiding them into rewriting a new narrative of their story.

As an Intuitive Wisdom Guide and Human Design Specialist, I offer my clients a way to access the layers from a different perspective and to aid them in their journey to grow beyond all the stories fears or self-doubts.

I Donna Morgan am not nor do I claim to be a Counsellor or Medical Professional. I offer a view through a lens, a snapshot in time from my Intuitive perspective only. And I offer a view of your human design profile.

The owner (Donna Morgan) of this website does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the owner is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional, spiritual or general overall well-being. In the event you use any of the information on this website for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the owner assumes no responsibility for your actions. The Vibrational products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information contained herein is not intended to offer medical advice or to act in any way as a substitute for consultation and advice from a healthcare professional

All connections with my clients will be strictly professional in nature.

It is from my sacred honour that I am in service to the highest good of my clients, community, and the collective and the sacredness of my work.

I strive to deliver the highest quality work with no discrimination of age, status, race, size, shape or gender. My Clients are responsible for their own growth and continued alignment and in no way will my service give my clients cause for that to be misunderstood or to create a co-dependence.


I take my own privacy seriously, So the privacy of my clients is equally as important if not higher.

All information shared during a client session will remain strictly confidential. Information will never be shared or used without prior written consent including the sharing of images, stories, videos or the like anywhere especially social media.

All personal communication with a client will be conducted via the client’s personal email. Appointment, booking, or session information will never be communicated via any social media platform or text message.

Any client session notes will be kept and stored safely and confidentially.


I maintain total discernment in the clients I choose to work with and the tools I feel guided to use.

I am fully committed to ensuring my sacred services are inclusive to all women, all races, ages, body types, sexual orientation, disabilities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

I respect honour and celebrate cultural differences.

I am committed to learning and understanding more about cultural differences, exclusion, privilege, gender, to be open to the continual unpacking and awareness of my own privilege, racism, biases, prejudices, discriminations.

If for any reason I have offered offence in writing or reading please contact me so I may apologise and offer what I can and so I can begin to rewrite that story within myself.

Learning is growth!

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Please respect that once you have booked a client session our alchemy (our energy) creates a sacred contract between us.  As I take my sacred service seriously, my energetic preparation for our time together is valuable.

You can reschedule at any time up to 24 hrs prior to the booked session time with no financial implications. Rescheduling after this is at my discretion and could result in a full forfeit of fees.  All cancellations attract a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellation within 12hrs of a session will incur a 100% session fee at my discretion.

Failure to attend a session without notification via email to crystalspiritoak@gmail.com will result in the forfeit of session fees.

Terms defined

Client: the person engaging the paid services of Donna Morgan Wise Life Guide

Feminine Soul: a person who has a sensitive soft feminine energy, or Identifies as feminine or female. 

Wisdom Guide / Wise Spiritual Life Guide: The person who holds the client in higher vibrational energy as they move through layers of conditioned stories, negative and limiting self-beliefs from the subtle energy body. Reclaiming the self

Vibrational Essences or elixirs: energy of a flower, crystal, or any other nature or natural element imprinted into oil or water and used to promote energetic or subtle body energy raising.

Seeds of light: Words of wisdom, aha! moments those subtle oh now I see moments.

Seeding Light bringing the Aha moments out and seeding the Quantum for what’s next

Authentic or Essence Self: this is the essence of who you the client intuitively knows and feels they truly are.

Magic self: the alive energy of your intuitive self the connection to the universe, source. Your Divine self

Wholeness/Oneness: the feeling of something has come home that you didn’t know was missing

Stories: those inner beliefs patterns, layers, tribal/ family or generational conditions that have been added to over lifetimes that we hold within nor energy influenced by our emotions, feelings around events

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