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Listen to your Wisdom

Being seen and feeling like you have been heard is very much a part of who we are. We have so many layers and levels to us, we are complex beings yet at the core of us, we all want the same thing, to feel the unconditional love we felt as babies.

In my years on this earth and before I have seen this in so many ways. It plays out in all of us differently, from not feeling enough, addictive behaviour, self-sabotage, procrastination, becoming reclusive, judgmental, jealousy, anxiety, stress, perfectionism, hiding in plain sight with over the top acts, not communicating, talking too much to fill a void or the space, sitting still all day not moving or do do do and never allowing yourself the space to be and receive.

Ultimately all of this or one constant act that becomes a habit it can lead to illness. We store so many things in our bodies and our cells.

The things we experience and believe, the emotional state we are in at the time that we experience a change, a fright, and excitement our bodies record all of these events and all of our everyday events, our subconscious programming runs it never shuts down. our beliefs and emotions attached to those beliefs are written or stored in our subconscious energy field.

This is not something I have observed and intuitively felt from doing intuitive healing work. It is the beliefs instilled in us and the way we bring them through into our daily lives from our own emotional place that fuels our beliefs constantly reinstalling them into ourselves. Through these beliefs, habits and patterns we often compromise ourselves when we don’t actually want to. We accept something that is offered to us or given to us when deep inside we are saying I don’t need it but then we accept it anyway, we move away from our own intuition and knowing we don’t need the food or the stuff, the relationship and we settle for yes but what if that thing never shows up again

What if that person never comes, what if that love never finds me,

If I don’t eat now I may never get offered food again

What if I never get offered another job

We follow clocks not our bodies knowing of when to eat when to sleep, we overstimulate ourselves, with electronics, and substances to stay awake, we try to sleep when our body wants sunshine or gentle movement, we sit when our body wants to move. We ignore our bodies and because of this, our minds begin to run things.

We ignore our wisdom our bodies’ wisdom, we ignore the wisdom of nature and the elders the grandmothers and wise women that walked before us. those that have shared the knowledge and wisdom of the ages with the mothers so they will one day become crones and elders. All of this over the lifetimes and through habit and compromise we have been taught or learnt to ignore what we crave and seek so much. A tribe and our own innate intuition, we study how to be intuitive psychic, we learn from others, yet we do not learn from ourselves from our own wisdom

As women, priestesses, messengers, creators, feminine voices we need to support and help each other as we begin to reteach and relearn for ourselves and for our children. To change the patterns, the instilled beliefs and the ways of the negative imprints that we unconsciously have running within us and within our children and our children’s children. We are being called now in this year of massive change to do things differently. to stop following what has always been done this way before us and to create a new way for our tribe!

it is time for us to look at the ways of the Elders, the grandmothers the wisdom of the Crone, the village wise woman look at the wisdom of the animals and the land and begin to change the way we view things . begin to feel how things want to be done by your body and your own inner wisdom your own counsel and create a new tribe new family pattern new beliefs.

Creating a new cellular imprint in ourselves and our children starts with going against the old patterns and beliefs. It begins by meeting your layers and fears working on the negative instilled beliefs and changing your perspective. Not necessarily letting things go and definitely not bypassing or ignoring the beliefs or patterns there is no burying your head in the sand this is the opposite it is showing up and meeting your beliefs working with the reason they are with you and letting your wisdom and intuition guide you in what needs to happen next.

When we do this deep work we learn to hold space for ourselves and others but we also learn to trust ourselves and we become aware of the beliefs as they arise.

This is wisdom comes from the deep depths of the wise crone, mother, enchantress priestess within me. we are all meant to live without compromising our wisdom and our true gut intuitive beliefs.

Are you ready to take your own journey within to let go of the negative beliefs and instil new ones? rewriting you as you go.

It’s time for all of us to change and shift our old patterns and beliefs take charge of our own health and listen to our bodies, raising the next generations to listen and be wise.

Donna Morgan

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I am an Author, a spiritual awakener using wisdom and human design. I am a 4/6 Emotional Generator /Alchemist in the new Quantum Human Design language, I believe we all have the gift of creative flow it’s our stories and the self bindings that keep us stuck in a pattern. I am here to unlock those chains and let your creative soul self fly once more. through showing you everything is possible when you believe in yourself and see yourself through new eyes. View more posts