Wisdom seed

When was the last time you buried your feet in the soil or the sand ?

When was the last time you built a pike if leaves and just jumped into it? 

Or picked up a pencil and just scribbled for no reason? 

Do it !  

I know you want  to , I can feel your little person excitement from here , let them out let them play , let them be the tiger stalking his prey, let them be the Fireman’s siren . 

Let them be whatever they need

Do what excites you , what lights you up , sing like your a star, run like you won the race , dance like no one is watching .

Remember all those times you ran around outside flying high or watching the clouds as they drifted by .

Yep those moments that are etched into your light .

Those are the ones that bring you a  joy fueled life .

Pearl of the Wisdom grove 


Your Amazing , I love hanging out with you ! 

Hit me up anytime to show you more seeds … 

Did you see that cloud it looked like you dancing !

Wisdom Seed

Remember that time you felt the yes right through you . That full bodied yes .

That’s the one ,that’s the place you build your self trust from .

Your amazing

See I knew you remembered that feeling .

Pearl of the wisdom grove .xxxxx


Don’t forget to feel your roots connected in the earth

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