Wisdom seed

When was the last time you burried your feet in the soil or the sand ?

When was the last time you built a pike if leaves and just jumped into it? 

Or picked up a pencil and just scribbled for no reason? 

Do it !  

I know you want  to , I can feel your little person excitement from here , let them out let them play , let them be the tiger stalking his prey, let them be the Fireman’s siren . 

Let them be whatever they need

Do what excites you , what lights you up , sing like your a star, run like you won the race , dance like no one is watching .

Remember all those times you ran around outside flying high or watching the clouds as they drifted by .

Yep those moments that are etched into your light .

Those are the ones that bring you a  joy fueled life .

Pearl of the Wisdom grove 


Your Amazing , I love hanging out with you ! 

Hit me up anytime to show you more seeds … 

Did you see that cloud it looked like you dancing !

Wisdom Seed

Remember that time you felt the yes right through you . That full bodied yes .

That’s the one ,that’s the place you build your self trust from .

Your amazing

See I knew you remembered that feeling .

Pearl of the wisdom grove .xxxxx


Don’t forget to feel your roots connected in the earth

Published by Donna

I am an Author, a spiritual awakener using wisdom and human design. I am a 4/6 Emotional Generator /Alchemist in the new Quantum Human Design language, I believe we all have the gift of creative flow it's our stories and the self bindings that keep us stuck in a pattern. I am here to unlock those chains and let your creative soul self fly once more. through showing you everything is possible when you believe in yourself and see yourself through new eyes.

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